Health Zone

HEALTH ZONE (rehabilitation)
The modern way of life, which consists of a number of loads, different injuries or simply aging, are the cause of many problems. Avangard Hotel and resort will offer effective solutions for their removal.

Programs fitted to medical condition and diagnosis of each customer-patient. The combination of therapeutic procedures based on medical indications and to rehabilitation goals. The type of therapy is determined and recommended by medical specialists and is carried by physiotherapists.

– after fractures and joints surgery
– after spinal surgery
– after the installation of artificial joints

Rehabilitation of sports and other injuries
– overuse injuries (muscle rupture, sore groins)
– distortions (sprains) of legs and arms joints (ankle, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist)

Our expert team of physiotherapists will take care of every guest by an individual approach, a combination of different rehabilitation physiotherapy methods and application of cutting-edge devices:

• BIODEX rehabilitation and therapy (system for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of upper and lower extremities)
• MBST therapy (regenerates cartilage and strengthens bone tissue)
• MLS laser (simultaneous treatment of pain and inflammation)

Pulmonary rehabilitation and rehabilitation of upper respiratory tract

Halotherapy is the method of treatment with salt. It is natural and used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases, mostly diseases of the respiratory tract and skin. Salt room is made of salt and has halogenerator. Halogenerator disperses tiny particles of salt in the air (aerosol). The benefits of staying in the salt room are most visible in diseases of the respiratory tract.