Equesterian club

Upon the completion of hotel construction and its opening, the realization of Phase 2 of the project will continue, which includes the construction of barns with stalls for horses not far from the hotel, for own equestrian club.
We will build 16 boxes, area of 480m2, planned to settle up to 20 horses.

Equestrian Club will provide two types of services to guests:

1. therapeutic riding
2. renting of own horses for riding
3. opportunity for guests to keep their horses and feed them at our premises

Therapeutic riding is a specific discipline in the treatment and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and is medically recognized in the world. It is conducted and supervised by the manager of therapeutic riding program.

The goal of therapeutic horse riding is to produce at people with disabilities, through the physical, psychological, social and educational affecting, positive effects that affect the improvement of their psycho-physical condition, awaken a sense of satisfaction, freedom and mobility. Thus contribute to better health and restore faith in life.

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